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Creating Mats for scrapbook photos

Elevate Your Scrapbook Pages with Creative Matting TechniquesMatting pictures adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to your scrapbook pages drawing attention to your cherished photos and memorabilia. But why settle for plain rectangles when you can unleash your creativity with a variety of die-cutting techniques? Let’s explore some fun and unique ways to elevate your mat game:

1. Embrace the Edge:

Die-cuts with decorative edges offer a subtle yet effective way to enhance your mats. Think soft scallops, delicate lace borders, or playful zig-zags. These playful details add a touch of whimsy and perfectly complement photos with a similar theme.



2. Shape Up Your Story:

Don’t be afraid to get literal with your mat shapes.

For a nature-themed page, use leaf-shaped die-cuts to frame photos of woodland adventures. Starburst shapes will add a touch of magic to celestial memories, while heart-shaped mats are perfect for lovey-dovey moments.

3. One-Sided Wonder:

Who says your die-cuts have to be symmetrical? Embrace the offbeat by using dies with unique edging on just one or two sides of your mat. This creates a dynamic visual tension and adds a touch of unexpected flair.


4. Shape-sational Memories:

Take your scrapbooking to a whole new level with Dia-roma shaped die-cuts! These ingenious little gems not only add a charming shape to your mats, but also come in delightful shapes. Imagine a fish-shaped mat for your son or grandson’s first caught. What about a gingerbread house mat for Christmas memories of the children helping build the holiday gingerbread house?

5. Zig-Zag Your Way to Success:

Sometimes the simplest touches can have the biggest impact. A simple zig-zag or scallop border die-cut adds a hint of texture and visual interest to your mats. This technique works beautifully for both classic and modern layouts, and you can adjust the depth and width of the zig-zag for endless customization.

Remember there are no rules in creative matting. Experiment with different shapes, sizes, and textures to find what speaks to your personal style. With a little imagination and these fun techniques, your scrapbook pages will be bursting with personality and pizzazz.

So grab your die-cutting machine, unleash your creativity, and get ready to mat your memories in style!

Did you know that we now have a scrapbook class? Each month we will be offering a scrapbook class that will teach you new trends in the scrapbook world.

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